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Multi-Point Lifting Beams

SectionLift UK manufacture a wide range of multipoint lifting beams providing a lifting solution capable of many different lifts in one easy to use package. These beams are cost effective and are able to replace many standard fixed beams. We have an extensive library of standard designs for a multitude of applications or we can manufacture a multi-point lifting beam to your requirements.

20 Tonne Multi Point Lifting Beam

12m long 20 tonne multi point lifting beam beam with adjustable upper and lower lift points. This beam was used with 5 telescopic lifting beams underneath to build a modular tower block. This configuration allowed for centre of gravity adjustments, differing numbers of lift points, different lengths and weights of modules all to be handled with one lifting solution.

Curved 60 tonne WLL 15m developed length Multipoint Lifting

Curved 60 tonne WLL 14.2m developed length multipoint lifting beam Destined for Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station for positioning sections of the prefabricated concrete reactor containment vessel. The beam was rolled to a precise radius of 27.22m. 2 further 30 tonne curved beams at 27.8m radius and 15.2m developed length have also been supplied to the same site.

17 tonne self aligning multi-point lifting beam

10m long 17 tonne self aligning multi point lifting beam. This beam features 2 self aligning lifting points plus options on multipoint lifting. There is no need to constantly move shackles to the desired position thus increasing production and making the working environment safer.

9m span 20 tonne multi point

9m span 20 tonne multi point lifting beam with built in adjustable equaliser pulleys designed for lifting prefabricated concrete wall sections. These do not necessarily have all the lift points at the same level, hence the need for the equalising pulleys.

60 tonne mulit point lift spreader beam

3m long 60 tonne multi point spreader beam with adjustable lower lift points

T shaped Multi-point lifting beam

T shaped Multi-point lifting beam design to position different lengths and radii of curved beams on the outside of a building.

10 tonne multipoint lifting beam

Standard 10 tonne multi-point lifting beam used to lift rebar cages.

Typical multipoint lifting beam

Typical special design multipoint lifting beam for general use utilizing a single point top lift.